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Secrets to Better Doubles
Secrets to Better Doubles
Price: $19.95
ITEM # N812-07

Many club-level doubles teams often lose matches because they fail to implement specific tactics that greatly increase their chances of victory. In this episode, USPTA Master Professional Jorge Capestany reveals several tactical secrets that provide new options when playing a match. He’ll touch on shot selections, shot placement, doubles communication and formation, and show how you and your partner can use these secrets to triumph over teams you never thought were beatable.

In this DVD you will learn about understanding your role on a doubles team, doubles laws, serving games, the double-back attack formation, traffic patterns, volleys and overheads.

Bonus features:

  • Developing soft hands - a volley cushioning tip
  • The three different types of overheads
  • Serving drills from Jorge's 2011 World Conference on Tennis seminar

Main feature: 20 minutes

Bonus features: 53 minutes


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